In summer 2015, I traveled along St. Cuthbert’s Way and used research-creation practices of walking, post card writing, thinking, getting lost, and pinhole photography as ‘more-than-representational’ methods to activate the 5-day trek. According to Vannini (2015) the, “…non-representational answer to the crisis of representation lies in a variety of research styles and techniques that do not concern themselves so much with representing life-worlds as with issuing forth novel reverberations” (p. 12). I completed the walk with my good friend David Shannon and he’s referred to as “Shanny” throughout some of the writings.

I took photographs using a makeshift pinhole aperture on my DSLR camera.

The words and images offer queer versions of the landscape, my own thoughts about encounters along the way, and touch on some ethico-political concerns that arose during the walk that are further examined in my PhD dissertation.