This page is an archive of some of my research projects and collaborations.

My research is informed by the feminist new materialisms with a particular interest in theories of affect, queer theory, and speculative pragmatism.

My SSHRC funded Fellowship: Future literacies in secondary school English: Technological innovation and social critique through reading and writing speculative fiction focuses on speculative fiction in high schools. I also conduct ongoing research on walking methodologies and public pedagogy with WalkingLab internationally, and with my colleagues at Hamilton Perambulatory Unit when I'm in Canada.

My doctoral research used affect theory, queer theory, and critical race theory to think ethico-politically about cultural productions, literacy practices, and pedagogies. The dissertation focused on three reading, writing, and walking research-creation events that occurred both within secondary schools and in different publics.

I write creative non-fiction as an ongoing research-creation practice.

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