Article on Inhuman literacies and affective refusals in Curriculum Inquiry’s special issue on Sylvia Wynter

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My article Inhuman literacies and affective refusals: Thinking with Sylvia Wynter and secondary school English was just released in Curriculum Inquiry. It’s part of a special issue on Sylvia Wynter:

Here’s the Abstract: This paper considers how literacy and education more broadly reflect and reproduce world views and communicative practices rooted in the western epistemological conceptualization of what Sylvia Wynter calls “Man”. I frictionally think-with Wynter’s hybridity of bios and logos (mythoi), and more-than-human theories in relation to an in-school study in a secondary English classroom. I focus on how affect and refusal have the potential to operate as inhuman literacies that can unsettle the humanism of normative approaches to literacy education. Finally, I engage with Wynter’s homo narrans, which is the idea that we became who we are as a species in part through storytelling. While this storying capability has been used to uphold and reinforce the dominant world order, it also has the potential to rupture humanism from within.