Hello, my name is Sarah E. Truman and this is my personal website.
I am currently a PhD Candidate at University of Toronto in Curriculum Studies (OISE) & Book History and Print Culture (Massey College). My research interests include walking, writing, and embodied learning; intertextuality and marginalia; public pedagogy; and new materialist approaches to educational research.
I am a Research Fellow at WalkingLab and The Pedagogical Impulse, an Ontario Graduate Scholar, and a Founding Member of Hamilton Perambulatory Unit.
I have written many articles and a book called Searching for Guan Yin (White Pine Press, 2011). I received an Ontario Arts Council Writers’ Reserve Grant (2014), an Ontario Arts Council Writers’ Works in Progress Grant (2009), and won a National Magazine Award (2002).

Sarah E. Truman at SenseLab

    Photo by Elliott Rajnovic at SenseLab


Contemplate Campus on Foot
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  October 22nd, 2014. Contemplate Campus on Foot: I’m running a walking workshop at Hart House, University of Toronto, as part... Read More