I am a Senior Lecturer at The University of Melbourne where I co-direct the Literary Education Lab: our diverse projects intersect around the significance of literary texts in English secondary education; the place of literature in qualitative research methodologies; and the relationship between literary education and social and climate justice.

My Australian Research Council funded DECRA (December 2022- December 2025) focuses on youth cultural productions in mining and metropolitan communities in three commonwealth countries (Australia, Canada, and Wales). The youth will create science fictions to think creatively and critically about sustainability, technology, and social justice in their situated contexts in collaboration with interdisciplinary scholars, artists, and teachers. Read more about the project here.

Other current collaborations:

WalkingLab, a SSHRC-funded international network of artists and researchers interested in walking as a critical research methodology and research-creation.

Oblique Curiosities, an electronic glitch folk duo.

I can be reached on social media and at my University of Melbourne email.