Oblique Curiosities

I'm one half of the electronic music duo Oblique Curiosities.

During summer 2015, as a project affiliated with WalkingLab, my Oblique Curiosities collaborator David Ben Shannon and I conducted a long-distance walking research-creation project along St Cuthbert’s Way to investigate the relationship between walking in nature and creativity.

We enacted a more-than-representational documentation, using the concept of queer sonic cultures.

We took along the following propositions:

• Walk St. Cuthbert’s way in five days; 24km on the first, 28km on the second, 19km on the third, 19km on the fourth, and 10km on the fifth.
• Remember Brian Eno and his oblique strategies.
• Remember time signature.
• Queer the landscape.
• Write lyrics, rhythm, melody, affect, space, repeat.
• Bring an iPad.
• Bring a note pad.
• Bring a pinhole camera.
• Bring a bowtie and dress for dressing-up.

The resultant more-than-representational account of the walk is 10 sonic cultures (songs). We're currently writing an article about the process and will release the album in Summer 2018.